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United Helping Hands Outreach (UHHO)

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Upon acknowledgement of a natural and/or man-made disaster, our Emergency Response Relief Team are equipped and ready to assist those affected by such calamities.


UHHO Emergency Response Team is a team which self-activates or self-deploys when communities have been affected by a disaster.  We size-up the loss in the affected community and begin performing the skills we have learned to minimize further loss of life and/or property.  We continue in response mode safely until redirected and/or relieved by professional on-scene responders (police, firefighters, and/or HAZMAT, etc…).


Upon relief we also continue to assist by distributing nonperishable food, water, personal hygiene packets, female products, baby diapers, and assist with given local contact information (FEMA, local shelters, etc…)


Our Emergency Response Relief Team benefits those affected worldwide, contingent upon UHHO’s resources.