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United Helping Hands Outreach (UHHO)

Reclaiming Lives Worldwide!

Departments & Needs List

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Corporate Administration


Sub-corporate departments

Day-to-day operations

computers, office furniture, office supplies, building/property for department offices and storage).


   •  Executive


   •  Administrative /Clerical


   •  Media - Photography, Newsletters, Advertisements, etc.


   •  Human Resources (Personnel & Volunteer) / Payroll


   •  IT/SAP/ Network Administration


   •  Inventory Control


   •  Legal


   •  Foreign (Human Rights)


   •  Maintenance / Janitorial


   •  Travel


   •  Maintenance / Janitorial

Cleaning Equipment & Supplies


   •  Fundraising

Day-to-day operations; raise funds as needed

Computers, office supplies, office furniture, Small Containers w UHHO's name & logo and Food Bins with UHHO's name & logo.


Health and Nutrition



Feed malnourished women, men and children for all ages; give high nutritious and high energy food

Metric tons of supplementary food and supplementary commodities, baby food, baby formula, etc..











Provide medical assistance and treatment (More Information in Medical Policies & Procedures Manual); Nutrition monitoring by undertaking nutrition surveys, analyze and report on nutrition data.

Medical Building / Clinic, medical equipment & supplies, pharmaceutical equipment & supplies (essential drugs and medicines for treatment of diseases and prevention of alignments (immunization, vaccines, antibodies, etc…), over-the-counter vitamins, analgesics, ointments, creams, etc...



















Teach all genders, all ages, literary, basic academics, health and nutrition, hygiene, agricultural, training workshop on HIV and the prevention of HIV

Education building / schools), furniture, office furniture, computers, education supplies - desk (curriculum, books, paper, chalk boards, pencils, pens, etc…)









Provide Tender Loving Care, support, encouragement, feed, clothe and educate to children ages 0 to 13

Office furniture, Household furniture, clothes, baby toys, toys, cribs, diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc...

















To provide commissioned, trained, professional security personnel to protect citizens of Darfur and UHHO personnel, volunteers and members in US and international.

Trucks, uniforms, office supplies, flash lights, etc…










Building / Land Property



To build eco-friendly houses, schools, orphanages, base centers, and medical clinics

Property for storage of equipment and building supplies, tractors, trailers, trucks,






Water & Sanitation



Water treatment, build wells, create and provide clean water supply to houses, base centers, and orphanages.

Water treatment supplies, equipment and supplies to build and supply clean water.








Human Rights



Sensitize the reality to the community that men and women as one. To condemn and alleviate slavery and child labor.

Legal Consultation & Representation











To give farming supplies and equipment to help promote self reliance.

Seeds, farming tools, donkey ploughs, livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses), chickens, hens, and roosters.













To build roads and highways for transportation. Create "flood proof" roads and highways - Drainage systems.

Concrete and all necessary supplies for building highways and roadways.











To give and use by UHHO cars, pick-up trucks, concrete trucks, flat bed trucks, etc… for building living structures( medical centers, houses, base camp buildings, etc..) and infrastructure. To  create & promote community mobilization - buses, carriages, etc..

Pickup trucks, flat bed trucks, cranes, buses, cars, concrete trucks, farming vehicles, etc...


















Non-Food Supply



Provide non-food humanitarian items as needed for all genders and all ages.

Clothes (all types - undergarments, bras, etc..), shoes, bar & liquid soap, shampoo, deodorant, toiletries, female products, hair products (plastic combs, hair brushes, hair accessories - ribbons, rubber bands)












Maintenance / Janitorial



To promote and provide hygiene and cleaning support and equipment to all IDPs of Darfur, Sudan, surrounding countries in Africa and other nations. Esp. when eco-friendly homes/houses are built.

Cleaning Supplies and Cleaning Equipment (mops, brooms, hand held brushes, dust pans, paper products, buckets, etc…)