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United Helping Hands Outreach (UHHO)


Reclaiming Lives Worldwide!


United Helping Hands Outreach, Inc. (UHHO) is a 501c3 nonprofit, faith based organization, thatís has an established Food Bank, Feeding the Needy, and assisting the Homeless in the Houston area and worldwide.

UHHO was established in 2005 with the vision -† to help the destitute people of all ages and gender of† IDPís (Internally Displaced People) of Darfur, Sudan, other countries in Africa and worldwide. To provide education, medical attention/treatment and supplies, give food, build eco-friendly houses, give clothes, shoes, baby formula, toys, household goods and supplies, toiletries, female products and other basic necessities of life.


is currently seeking donations through public and private organizations/foundations, and governmental agencies.


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