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United Helping Hands Outreach (UHHO)

Reclaiming Lives Worldwide!


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Perinza Cornwell 


Founder/President of UHHO in 2005 and graduated from College of Biblical Studies with Bachelors of Christian Ministry and Certified with Federal Emergency Management Agency in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) services. Ms. Cornwell is extremely passionate about assisting disadvantage children and adults of  all ages – male and female.  Her goals for the company are to assist locally and international to all underprivileged individuals and families in need.




Jeremy Uluocha


Vice President and Executive Health Director of UHHO, currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy he has received his Bachelor Degree of Science in Health and Corporate Entrepreneur Certification from University of Houston, a member of “The National Society of Collegiate Scholars” since 20013, and obtained an Associate Degree in Kinesiology. Mr. Uluocha has worked in the health care field since 2009 and continues to bring his knowledge and experience to UHHO. He also volunteers as a coach for a little league football teams and assist with many activities which brings encouragement to many youth groups.





Augustine Degorl


Pastor Augustine Degorl is Senior Pastor and Founder of Shekinah Throne Room Worship Center in Houston, Texas. With the flaming sword of the Lord in his mouth, Pastor Degorl has proclaimed the gospel and served in ministry for nearly 30 years. Pastor Degorl is sought all over the world to expound on various areas of prayer strategies and to minister healing. He has lead and continues to led many to Chirst. He also organizes leadership and self empowerment training which has taken him to countries in Africa, Europe, Malaysia, North America and the Islands and brings much assistance to UHHO to our leadership with much dedication.